Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The E-Life

MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, oh my! Online community's have flourished over the last decade or so, giving the nerds, geeks, ugly's, and socially awkward a better chance at a social life. Having trouble finding your niche in a proper click? There are plenty of social networks available that provide what you have trouble attaining in reality.

To each their own, I say. I think the use of online community's will decrease the number of random mass murders from those who feel shunned by society.

Those are my thoughts on that.

In news, Representative Anthony Weiner (D) (heehee his last name is Weiner) , has apparently coached the ex-porn star about their online relationship. It's a good thing she already has acting experience, I'm sure it made it helpful when remembering her lines.

And in technology, Nintendo—those rascals—have announced the release of their newest console the Wii U. A lover of all things Nintendo, I'm super excited, you should be too.



Gorilla Bananas said...

So Wiener talked dirty to an ex-porn star for 3 years? I'm not convinced he was making the best use of her talents. I'm sure a lot of soccer moms could have talked dirtier than her. Do you think you could have, Emma?

Emma Claw said...

Of course, you naughty gorilla.