Friday, June 24, 2011

Quotes from Friday night...

Once I was here and now I am not.
Maybe it's because you
are full of snot.

That's okay, you smelled
a lot too, kind of like
monkey poo.

I might be drunk,
I might be crazy,
but you look kind of lazy
lying there in my trunk.

So, that's where I went, you
don't have to ask why, I told you
the story and have no reason to lie.

-- detoxendrix
Stuck at a stop light,
just not right.

Stuck at a stop light,
just might light.

Smoke & wait while I
wait & smoke, at this
stop light where I toke.

Hello, Police Pig HOW DO YOU

Do you like my 'do?
Wanna see my poo?

That's the smell,
I swear as I tell your
mother about what I saw
you doin' with your


What?! You got an itch?
What a bitch.
But not my niche
so back an inch

Before you receive a stitch
via fist.

-- Emma Claw & detoxendrix
"I don't poop
anywhere but my
own hand."
-- Sckooter (his spelling)
"We're the  three best friends
that anyone could have!"

(Over and over)
-- B. Reil
"Mini barf."
-- B. Reil
"Crapped on your desk, dog.
What's up?
Crapped on your desk, dog."
-- B. Reil
"Are you going home?" - Emma
"Some day." - Sckooter
"Go! Grab his butt!" - Emma
"I'm not doing that
for your amusement." - detox
"I want to be the wild
monkey & look like one,
too." - Emma
"AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" - B. Reil (from the other room)
"Herro preez." - Saint Lo Jo
"OH FUCK!" - Captain P (from the bathroom)
"Who was that?" - detox & Emma
 "They call me Black Nips (/ples)."
-- Tactical and B. Reil
Re: Sckooter's drunk ass.
 "You're just mad 'cuz I
figured out how to shake
-- B. Reil (To Saint Lo Jo and Emma about his nipples--clarified as SHANK NIPPLES)
 *La Hacienda - B. Reil and detox
*La Fiesta - Cap'n P and The OG
 "News Flash of the night:
Gay Marriage was legalized in New York tonight."
 "Fuck off guy. I don't
owe you shit"
-- Cap'n P in regards to Skcooter

 "Build a fort over him!"
-- B. Reil again regarding Sckooter
 "We drew six dicks on the
guy, why does it matter
how big the seventh one is?"
-- Re: Sckooter
-- B. Reil to group Re: Bruno
 "I know where he said it,
in you BUTT!"
-- B. Reil to group Re: Life!
 Awesomes are not Possums."
-- Emma
 "I did it, and it was fun!"
-- B. Reil on kicking cactus
 "There's a bigger couch
over there...O--Okay,
you can lay on Bowser The Bears
-- Saint Lo Jo to Sckooter
 "Bourbon BBQ sauce that
tastes so good. It;s like
a man's dick in my mouth."
-- B. Reil
 "The first color I drew
on with Sckooter was red."-- B. Reil
 "No, it was purple." -- Tactical
"The second color I drew on Sckooter was red." -- B.Reil
-- Every guy. A lot.
Re: David Blaine impressions
 "I forgot I won last round."
-- Cap'n P during Uno
 "What happens in girl talk,
stays in girl talk "
-- Emma
 "You don't drink
and drive, but you do write
on Sckooter."
 -- B.Reil

Friday, June 17, 2011

Yo Haters! You Best Check Yo' Self, Before You Wreck Yo' Self(s).

It's the dawn of a new era—when isn't it?

Throughout the history of civilized society, life choices—especially those dealing with sexuality and race—have been questioned, and ostracized for going against the norm.

The why's of this in our past make sense to me—it's to be expected when most civilizations, colonies, kingdoms--et cetera, et cetera--believed in magic. What baffles--and slightly irritates me-- is that with all the advances that we've made as a whole on the planet Earth, there are still many in the world that want to judge and hate on others.

The haters out there baffle me. I understand they are probably bored, so going to the local hate rally is akin to a night on the town, but surely there are other activities in which they would be able to attend that would prove to be just as entertaining.

I asked a friend what she thought should be done with all the haters, a way to give them a taste of their own medicine. Her response:

“We should hang them by individual strings attached to each metacarpal and phalanx, once restrained we will then proceed to tickle the offender.”

I agreed.

It would work perfectly. It won't be painful—in the beginning, eventually discomfort would likely set in—and the situation would be an almost poetic justice. The bully would get a taste of their own medicine, the tickles serving as a garnish to the humiliation and the universal law—treat others as you would want to be treated—would be upheld.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The E-Life

MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, oh my! Online community's have flourished over the last decade or so, giving the nerds, geeks, ugly's, and socially awkward a better chance at a social life. Having trouble finding your niche in a proper click? There are plenty of social networks available that provide what you have trouble attaining in reality.

To each their own, I say. I think the use of online community's will decrease the number of random mass murders from those who feel shunned by society.

Those are my thoughts on that.

In news, Representative Anthony Weiner (D) (heehee his last name is Weiner) , has apparently coached the ex-porn star about their online relationship. It's a good thing she already has acting experience, I'm sure it made it helpful when remembering her lines.

And in technology, Nintendo—those rascals—have announced the release of their newest console the Wii U. A lover of all things Nintendo, I'm super excited, you should be too.